Common Sense & Common Ground

What if you wanted to start a new business? What if you wanted to expand your business? How would you go about it? You would take your process, or a process in demand, and you would find a geographic location centered around a large market with a trained or trainable workforce. You would find one that is most economically hospitable to both your business and your process, a location that has multiple arteries expanding in all directions and which contains various modes of transportation to feed your market. An area that has entertainment and recreation to care for the community comes to mind. A place where your workers and their families have access to a great quality of life would be great. The best and most efficient school and medical facilities, better yet. When I think of all of this, West Virginia fits the criteria perfectly.

What I am talking about is or should be the foundation strong state economy. Education, housing, transportation, infrastructure and recreation. We have many more things going for us than we have things going against us, so logic says, promote your assets and fix your liabilities. I have been taught to start small, duplicate, multiply and succeed. Jobs from numerous industries like health, tourism, corporate expansion, technology, banking, entertainment and so on are the building blocks of a strong economy. The more of these building blocks we have, the bigger and stronger our state and our economy becomes. The diversity of these building blocks decide the stability and longevity of our economy.

Now how do you keep this all running? This is my favorite part —the part of the puzzle that is crucial for keeping the foundation strong and growing so that our kids and our grandkids will enjoy a good economy and a great quality of life. This is part ensures the promotion and protection of the diversity that ultimately hields us and our families from the ups and downs of time. How do you keep this all running? Government and taxes. With a good economy, this should be easy. It should be easy if we have representatives that adhere to the constitution and who look out for the interests of their constituents. We start on trail of sustained success by making good decisions, spending time looking for common ground, and using a little common sense.

I never dreamed I would ever have the opportunity to wave this banner. To be the one to make a call for common sense thinking and common ground to begin to build a sound foundation for the state of West Virginia. I only had to look to my sons for example and guidance. The answer from them both, without hesitation was….Yes, when called, you serve. Maybe you can make a difference, it’s your obligation to try. So, to my family, to my friends in Marion and Monongalia counties, and to all of you wonderful people across this great state of WV, let’s do this! Let’s roll up our sleeves, as we can do so much more together. Let’s begin to strengthen our foundation. Let’s sing to the world about all the great things that already make us the state known as “ Almost Heaven”, and let’s add to that, “The State that has it all; the State at the center of it all; the success story of the century, West Virginia!

Together we can forge a bright future for West Virginia!